Monday, February 9, 2009

My Provider

There is so much going on around here lately; it's starting to get a bit overwhelming again. The hubs is in the process of switching my server so I can finally debut Until now it's just been a splash page for clients to get to my photo blog and client proofing areas. But, no more, I've got a full blown web site! So exciting!

The weather finally broke around here this weekend. It was 40 degrees and it seemed so glorious. The sun was shining. It was truly a welcome change and great to finally defrost. I was hoping to head outside with Faith this weekend for her turn at updating her pictures but it didn't work out. Saturday is always such a crazy day for us. We try to squeeze in something fun with the family but have to head back for an early dinner. Our church services are on Saturday evenings temporarily so the day goes so fast. I shot for Sunday but Mom and Dad threw a wrench in those plans with a big surprise for Faith and Karli. More on that in a sec.

Just a couple of other small things. I finished up the jacket for Tyler's polish dance costume and he was photographed in it last week. Now I'm working on skirts for my four girls for recital. I've got one done but hmph, three more to go. I've got a stack of my own clothes that still need to be altered in some way that I'm hoping to finish up this week as well. Then I'll be ready to whip up something to finish off Faith and Karli's surprise. I'm trying to make sure I photograph every day and keeping up on my Flickr stream, contacts, and groups, has been fun but time consuming. It's worth it though. I'm learning so much and meeting tons of new people. I've got my first portrait party coming up this month and have some loose ends to tie up for that. Mallory and Hailey are celebrating their fifth birthday next week so plans are in the works for that. I think that about covers all the craziness.

Many of you know that eight months ago, our family made the move from our home into my parent's house. Partly due to unforeseen economical issues and partly due to bad decision making. Anyway, that first few months were super tough. Pride is a tough thing to swallow and it took me a long time to choke it down. I'm the oldest child and typical type 'a' personality, perfectionist and all. So admitting I had failed at something was difficult enough. Admitting I need help from my parents to see my way out of it was a whole new ball game for me. They have been awesome and welcomed us with open arms and have never made us feel like we've overstayed our welcome or that they're trying to edge us out. Actually, the idea of moving on makes them each shudder.

Our four girls have been sharing one bedroom with Tyler in his own. This has been especially tough on Karli, the middle child, because Mallory and Hailey just adore everything she owns. Her toys, her clothes, her jewelry, her make-up. Therefore, they are constantly getting into it. Getting homework done in the bedroom is tough with a 4-year-old climbing on your bed constantly and annoying you. My two oldest girls were desperate for their own space.

The most challenging part for all of us during our stay at the Young residence has been that we do often feel like we're all on top of each other. I try to keep the kids playing in areas where they aren't overwhelming my Mom and Dad and in their spaces all the time. Although, really, my parent's wouldn't hear of it anyway. It seemed for a while like there was no place for any of them to escape to.

Well, my parent's decide this weekend, spur of the moment, that Sunday morning we were going to build a bedroom for Faith and Karli. It just so happened that each of them were away for sleepovers Saturday night and we had the day to pull it off. By the time they both got home we had the new room complete except for the project I have for them. Furniture was in, pictures were up, beds were made, and it was all theirs. I also managed to get Mallory and Hailey's room rearranged and moved their pictures and belongings around to accommodate them as well. All four girls are pleased and punch to say the least. Mallory and Hailey of course are super tempted to cross the threshold of the one area of the house that is completely off limits but so far they're minding. There are two temporary walls in the bedroom that are bare so I'm going to make some fabric panels for those walls. I think in the long run it will pull the room together, make it unique, and demonstrate a bit of the girls likes and personalities.

I'm incredibly grateful to my parent's. They are willing to stop at nothing to accommodate us and spoil their grandchildren completely rotten! I actually quite like our living arrangements and so grateful to have the Lords' grace upon us for this season. For he is certainly in control. He is Jehovah Jirah, which means he literally knows our need and makes provisions to accommodate that need before the need even arises! Awesome stuff! He knows the road ahead and what each next step will be for us. Todd has been working hard earning his bachelor's degree and it seemed like he was going to have to continue to take classes until next December instead of finishing up in May. Well with a little divine intervention for financial aid and a dash of answered prayer in the scheduling area Todd WILL finish in May. I'm so proud of him. He's working super hard, pulling all 'A's' and remaining on the Dean's List. He attends school at least two nights per week, works full time, and has 3-day classes that are 8-hours each at least two weekends per month. It's a sacrifice but one that I'm certain will pay off. I also know I would never be able to handle it if I didn't have the company and assistance of my parent's. God is in control! He proves himself daily.

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