Monday, February 2, 2009

I've got quick learners folks!

So Karli has this really cute pair of corduroy pants. I think they're cute, she despises them. She also has this super cute shirt. It's thermal looking in creme with a small floral print on it. Sewn together with it is a short sleeved blue shirt so it looks like a twofor but it's really just one. Sounds cute and comfy, no? Karli despises this shirt more than the cute pants.

Karli is only willing to wear the cute clothes. I packed her bag for a sleep over at Grandma's house. Yeah, I packed the cute pants and the cute shirt. She hated them and wore and came home in her pj's because she refused to put on the clothes I love and packed for her. So, Monday came around and guess what, she wore what I packed for Grandma's house. She wasn't happy about it, in fact, I think she said she hates me even. Oh well.

So this past weekend, I packed for another sleepover and Grandma's house. Yeah, I packed the same pair of cute pants. I gave her a shirt she likes though. She came home in the cute clothes I had packed for her this time. Karli comes in and says "you know I told Grandma, the next time I sleep over and I don't like what mom packed for me, make me wear them anyway. Because if I don't, I have to wear them to school the next day."

I held my belly laugh deep down with me and just politely said "oh that's nice Karli, I'm glad you got dressed today and those pants aren't so bad are they." So now I can let out my muaaahhhhh of a laugh. I love it when they catch on quick!

3 drops of sunshine:

Tabbie:) said...

That is so funny!! What a smart little girl you have!! And what a smart mama she has!!

Cheryl said...

I hate that mine insist on wearing old clothes instead of nice new ones they have. Danielle constantly squeezes into too small raggedy clothes. I have to throw them in the garbage and take the garbage directly outside.
Then, if they do wear new clothes, they stain them instantly. They don't EVER stain or rip old clothes, just new ones. Drives me crazy!!!!

Melissa said...

Oh my ~ smart mommy! And I'd guess she gets her smarts from you! You gotta love it!