Friday, January 23, 2009

Year in Review {Nov. & Dec.} Wrap-up

In November, I'd love to skip past the events that occupied that month but it's there, it happened, and I am most proud of the Bring the Rain series. Although it's a situation that is still unresolved I'm okay with it and better for it.

I love the High School Writer's Workshop which proved to be a great way to sum up our memories together. It was fun while it lasted. I truly hope that each of you find what you are searching for, that life treats you well, and your dreams come true.

You are not in control, get used to it is also a favorite it mine. It is when I finally began to understand that if I fall short sometimes then others will too. Everything happens for a reason. God is in control. We might as well give up the fight and follow the lead of the one who truly does want the best for us. And when the belief of just who I truly am in Christ became a reality again.

I came across something this morning that sums up the my reflection of November and December and puts to rest the year of 2008 for me. Although the first month of this year was spent sorting through a few things, second guessing my character, and second guessing how I feel about myself, I am reminded of just how valuable I am to those who find value in me. After all the second guessing I count myself as mature and responsible, dependable, a woman of my word, trustworthy, and level headed, or at least more than I used to be. I've also had the chance in January to reflect on the relationships that are still intact. The hubs is the first one that comes to mind. He is my rock. I am so grateful for his tolerance, patience, and support as I sorted through this all. He is FED UP with it and I'm certain he's relieved to know that this is the final page and it's being put to rest. Although we took the long road in our conversations at times as he helped me see my true value, in the end he was right all along. I know how much he'll appreciate that! Yes Todd, you are right, you were right all along. My hubby is so smart and I should just take his advice! Keep in mind though people, he is the KING of doing things the hard way first.

For the girls in blog land and my day to day life who lent a listening ear and uplifted me, thank you!

From Charles Stanley’s “Seeking His Face”: “True friendship includes many things: love, a sense of closeness, forgiveness, openness and availability. A true friend knows how to listen and, if necessary, be silent about his own needs at times. Only God can use a friend to help heal a hurting heart. Friendship also includes acceptance, flexibility, commitment and a sense of unselfishness. Loving someone can be difficult. We are not easy to love at times. We have flaws that need God’s attention, forgiveness and care. But we also contain something worth sharing with another.
Because of the love of Christ that has been given to us, we are worthy to be loved and to love. It is God’s love that motivates us to care for someone else. It is God’s example of pure love that prompts us to forgive when we have been unjustly hurt or accused. God loves us even when we act unlovely.
God wants us to have this type of love for others. Next time you might be tempted to stay angry at a friend, ask the Lord to help you understand the way He loves you. God sent His Son so that we may be forgiven."

I find it perfectly fitting that I'm Rockn' My Box was the final post in 2008. It was that day that all the pieces had finally come together. What I did wrong in 2008 and what I did right in 2008. I'm taking the good and building on it and throwing out the rest. I'm sure 2009 will come with a new set of mistakes or things I wish I'd done differently and the Lord will shape me along the way. I gained a lot of perspective the final weeks of 2008 and learned many life lessons. My life is void of nothing. God has already restored the relationships I've lost. He has replaced relationships with actual friendships. Even more than that my husband and I saw each other through a small tough season and ultimately it's the little things in life that make me the most grateful. My twins each had a turn being quite ill the last couple of weeks and not having to leave the house for work or other commitments so I could hold them while they sleep, bath them to get their temps. down, and be here to wipe the tears and rub their backs is an amazing gift. I took too much for granted in 2008. Yeah, I changed in 2008 but now, I'm now longer apologizing for who I am or trying to explain it or defend it. I am who I am and my life is rich with people who love me the way I am.

3 drops of sunshine:

Tabbie:) said...

You are richly blessed and the fact that you see that makes that blessig all the more richer.

You truly had a stellar year in 2008, not because it was easy, but BECAUSE it was not easy, yet you choose to walk with your eyes up seeking the Father's face every step of the way.

Bravo! Bravo! I am thankful for finding your wonderful blog in 2008and for connecting with you through it.

Here's to a New Year and a Blessed YOU!

Leslie said...

loving these and loving how much you learn from the everyday Kari.. I am also thankfull for getting to "know" you in 2008.... what a lovely look back!

Todd said...

I think you should write a book from 2008 alone!

Luv you much keep up the good work!

The Hubs