Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catching Up...

Last week the hubs was home from work most of the week and the kiddos were all off from school. We spent some necessary time together doing, well, nothing really. Sounds great no? We did get the kids up to the community pool a couple of times which they all thoroughly enjoy.

I spent hours sewing these little banners together for Mallory and Hailey's preschool class. And, today I went to school with them to help the class get started on this cute little holiday project. I absolutely enjoyed being with them at school. I enjoyed seeing how they interact with their friends and who their best buds are. I was excited about this morning and didn't think much of being there until the crowd of five doubled to ten and grew further to fifteen before the cars finally stopped arriving and we had seventeen four-year-olds in class this morning. On my way down the hall I started to unravel a bit at the idea of being trapped in a small room full of rambunctious four-year-olds for 2.5 hours! I am so thoroughly impressed what how smoothly their classroom is ran. The class does the same activity in the same order every day so the kids know exactly what to expect and what comes next. The room was so even tempered, there was minimal tattling which shocked me the most, and they weren't the least bit noisy. So I was left without the panic and was able to really observe my sweet girls and see how they spend their mornings away from mommy. I loved it! So much, I'm going back tomorrow!

So the family has kept me from a blog a bit lately but I have really enjoyed their company.

I'd like to take a peak back into the Bring the Rain posts for a second. I've noticed all these cute little sayings all over the stores lately that remind me that trials build character. I might pick one of them up next time I see one.

I want to also thank each of you who left comments and/or e-mailed me with your stories and encouraging words. I was blessed with a lot of good biblical advice and I thoroughly appreciate it!

As a final wrap-up from those posts, I want to mention that I did send off a note to the person I hope to still call a friend one day. Although I was hurt at first and confused, I'm not any longer, nor am I angry. I think I've changed a bit in the last year which has had a dramatic effect on our friendship. I promised to be here for her if and when she ever needs to chat or for anything at all. I will always think of her and pray for her and I'll certainly miss her. We never did chat about the circumstances but the details are unimportant to me. Not because I don't care, but because setting it all aside so that I can continue to think fondly of her is much more important. How we treat each other is much more important to me than forcing a discussion, apology, or explanation. All I can do is be here for her if ever she needs me and lift her up in prayer when she comes to mind.

I am thankful to be covered in peace. To know that my thoughts on how my husband and I should proceed with our future seem to be in line with my husband's ideas too which is awesome! I'm counting my blessings today!

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Cindy said...


Isn't it wonderful to have a few days to spend with your family. I miss my kids being younger and doing just that.

God will bless your obedience in the situation with your friend. It bought tears to my eyes and I reflect on nearly two years without the person who used to be my best friend. The hurt seems small compared to the hole in my heart she used to fill.

Continue to stick by hubs side in all your decisions, God will not lead you astray.

Bless you, Cindy