Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

Well in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, the heir of being thankful, and feeling blessed, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things. A few things that cause me to pause, take a deep breathe, and appreciate the small things.

a 4-year-old that wants to marry the "hot" boy Dominic at school. For real! This makes me both giggle and panic!
the smell of cold, yet not the feel of cold
the smell of skunks and coffee
a perfect mocha for breakfast and after dinner too, why not.
chai tea
looking forward to a full polish meal tomorrow along with some pumpkin pie and probably a glass of Kahlua, so rich and yummy!
fire in the fireplace
an upcoming celebration with friends
single friends that are now married friends
kids who get great grades
twins that adore each other
a clean house
a to do list that has nearly everything crossed off
some holiday shopping with the hubs today
spending a gift card I got for my birthday
getting a good deal
I'm super excited to buy the gifts I know will surprise my kids and make their eyes sparkle too
a secret gift for mom
a much needed break from a busy photographic season
family photos
daily devotions
connecting with bloggy friends
healing from prior hurts
remembering past holidays in the old house and not shedding a single tear
ahhhh! the comfort of healing and peace
knowing the Lord is in control
His presence
laughter, lots of laughter
flowers the hubs brought home from the grocery store, even though, I should have been the one apologizing
it's a feel good day, a feel good season, and Jesus is the reason for the season!

1 drops of sunshine:

Cindy said...

The skunk would make me plug my nose and run ~ I don't think I could take a deep breath with that one.
Great list ~