Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The nameless

This morning after I dropped my twins at school I followed the side street as it wound through the familiar subdivision. As I got half way through a curve in the road I noticed to small children outside, unattended. They must have been twins. Toeheads, only about a year or so in age. I live in the cold climate of Michigan, it was not even 40 degrees this morning. The two girls were without coats and hats. Without shoes and socks even.

I was chatting with my husband and made mention of them and assured him and myself that their mother must have noticed and will get them back inside any second. The road continued to curve and they were out of sight. My heart began to beat faster, I felt so sad for them, and genuinely concerned. I couldn't continue to drive. I had to go back. As I re-approached the home, the girls were still outside but wandering closely to the street as they made their way farther away from what I assumed was their home. There was a house with the front door wide open. Another mom from the school had stopped and asked as I got out of my vehicle if I knew the girls. I told her I didn't but they were on the lawn of the home where the door was open and to please keep an eye on them while I went to the house.

The large picture window in the front of the home was busted open in the top right corner, a pillow filled the hole, keeping out the cold. The opposite corner had a missing pane where a piece of wood must have been nailed in place at one time to block the hole but it had been pushed aside. I pounded on the siding of the house. No one came. I really began to panic at this point. My suddenly went crazy with the possibilities of what could be inside the doors of this home. Now I wonder what secrets it holds. I pounded again and yelled "excuse me" into the doorway. Still, no one came.

I wondered back over to the other mom. She asked if I called 911. I hadn't. I was hoping their mother was busy getting ready for work or in the bathroom and would quickly notice their absence. A dog finally peaked out the front door and a few moments later a woman came out the front door. She was irate with her little girls. Because, of course a wee one who can barely walk on her own certainly understands that she is not allowed out of the house without mom, no? They were babies for pete sake!

The mom said "my son unlocked the door." I told her I don't think that would have really mattered "they could easily have left through the front window." A third car had pulled up now who knew the other mom with me and asked what was going on. The mom simply snickered and said "watching my children for me."

Finally, mom hustled to the end of the street where the girls had made their way. Little stinkers actually ran from her. She put one girl on each hip and very, very slowly began to walk back toward her home. I think she was hoping we'd be gone before she made it to the house. I just stood there and watched as she re-entered her home without looking back. Not a smile, a thank you for saving the lives of my children this morning while I was sleeping, nothing.

The street this house is on is a wide main road that goes through the middle of a very large subdivision and connects from one major road in the city to another major road in the city. It's a short cut. It's the main way into the sub. Not many mind the 25mph speed limit on this road because it quickly gets you from one mile to the next. With the level of traffic on the road on any given weekday morning, anything could have happened to those girls.

I'm angry but I'm not judging this mom. I don't blame her. Maybe she doesn't know any better. I don't know her situation. I don't know why there are holes in the front windows letting all the cold air into the home. I don't know what secrets the structure of that house holds. I can only assume, there is suffering. For the safety of the children I did ask the local police department to check on mom and the kids. It is up to them to decide if another agency like social services should be involved. I do know that God needs to be involved.

I don't know what mom was doing in the house while her young girls played outside by themselves for at least seven minutes. I don't know if she was embarrassed, probably. None of that matters to me. I wish I had names that I could put the with face of that mom and the two little girls. I will be praying for them today and for many days ahead. I'm glad God is all knowing. I'm glad miracles are still for today so that whatever this family has need of will be met in some way or another.

Lord you know this mom by name and the precious gifts you have bestowed upon her. You know her heart. You know her needs. You know the needs of those children. I pray Lord that this family and their needs to covered in the name of Jesus. The windows get fixed so the cold air no longer seeps into the home. I can't begin to imagine their needs but you have every hair on their head counted. Soften their hearts, remove the blinders. Bring good people into their lives to plant seeds and meet their needs, and minister love to them; your love. Lift the burden of their hearts and replace it with peace. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

I didn't share this story today to pass judgement or gossip about a woman's misjudgement, misfortune, or mistakes. My children have gotten away from me. It's scary, it's unpleasant, and it is embarrassing. I've made mistakes and treated my children in a way that was less than they deserve. I'm not a perfect mother by any means. I shared this story today because I know my blog is followed by great woman filled with God's love and I know you will pray with me for this family. They are nameless but Jesus knows exactly who they are.

3 drops of sunshine:

cheryl said...

how sad. who the heck knows what's going on in that house. good thing a little angel passed in her car!

p.s. i like the darker background for your blog. it makes the photos pop more.

Erica said...

You are an angel! I wouldn't have the nerve to do that.

Cindy said...

I am so glad that God send a couple of 'mommy' strangers through that neighborhood that day before a 'real' stranger drove through.
I will pray that God meets all of their needs especially the needs ot their hearts.