Friday, October 24, 2008

This is a great, great, great, family!

Hailey woke up this morning and climbed into bed with me like her and Mallory do many mornings. This morning she gave me her usual kiss and hug and said "I love my mommy, this is a great, great, great, great family." She knows just how to make me melt.

Those words got me thinking of the many funny things my children have said just in the last few days. Here are a few of our funny family stories.

When I took Faith and Karli to school to get them registered before the year began, we met the principal who gave us a tour of the school. Both of their teachers were in their classrooms preparing for the year so we got to meet each of them. Faith has Ms. Schultz and Karli, Mr. Nameth. Both are young people who couldn't have been teaching for very long, this always pleases me. On our way back to the car Faith said "I wish I had Mr. Nameth, he's" and she paused but continued with "cute." I was outraged but Karli beat me with her words saying "O-M-G Faith! You're crushing on my teacher and he's older than you!" Again, I was outraged. I just simply said "I can't believe this conversation just happened but we're going to move on now."

Just yesterday, Faith started our van for me. Something I often ask her to do because I'm usually pressed for time and rushing around. Having the van warmed up so I can see out the windows is pretty important if I want to get them to school safely. So she started the car, "unlocked" it so the rest of the doors would be open, closed the door and came back inside. Um, yeah, she locked all the doors! There my van sat running, defrosting, getting nice and warm for us, with the keys locked inside. Thank goodness we have a good friend that lives around the corner who works for his Grandpa's towing company. He was over in thirty minutes and unlocked our van for us. Mallory and Hailey are already quite fond of Jeff to start. Yesterday, he was their hero because he opened our car which meant, they could go to school. They were completely distraught at the idea of having to miss school. Mallory and Hailey jumped in the van after he opened it and I ran to grab my purse, leaving Jeff to chat with my twins. As he walked back to his truck and I buckled Hailey she said "he's so funny, I wanna marry him." She giggled then asked me to tell Jeff she said so. I will do no such thing. Jeff grew up with my little brothers, he is like part of the family so my parent's were pretty amused when I told them the story. Ugh! 4 1/2 and boy crazy! I'm in trouble.

1 drops of sunshine:

Cindy said...

Yep! You are in trouble girl.
Oh my, they sure are young for silly boy talk ~ I though they hated boys at that age?!
Oh well, times are a changin'.

Have a great weekend.