Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sometimes you wanna go...

Where everybody knows your name. I've spent two days at two new schools trying to get my children registered. The stuff required to get them registered is ridiculous and leaves you feeling like you'll never move again just to forgo this process. After visiting two new locations where I've never seen the interior walls or met the people who occupy the space I learned I wasn't quite prepared with all my documents. And, they were all strangers. Strangers to me and strangers to my children.

I needed copies of their last report cards from the old school and immunization records for all of them. Instead of digging through boxes and visiting old doctors I decided to pick up the copies in their personal files at the old school. In both schools I was greeted by familiar faces who were surprised and happy to see us and even offered a "well hello Mrs. Dawson." Sometimes you just wanna go where everybody knows your name. It was nice to see familiar faces but only reminded me of the families at Ottawa I will miss this year.

As the kids head off to school next week it will be a most bitter and not so much sweet experience. Normally I'm ready for them to head back and get my schedule back but I know I'll miss them.

I can remember when all three of them started at their last school. Tyler was a big ole' fourth grader, Faith was a first grader, and Karli was a brand new kindergartner. The kids were supposed to ride the bus to school but given it was the first day in a new school and none of them had ever ridden the bus to school before I decided to drive them. With a double stroller of 7-month-old twins being pushed ahead of me, we approached the lines outside the new school. I quickly learned that the "big" kids lined up on one side of the building while the rest of the munchkins lined up at the other end. I had to leave poor Tyler who didn't know anyone in line by himself while I waited in line with Faith and Karli. I promised to check on him.

I got Faith situated in class in about two seconds. She is very social and friendly and looked at this new school as a means of making 30-60 new friends! Yeah, she is always that easy. I got Karli outside her classroom but wouldn't fit inside with the hustle and bustle of new kindergartners and their parents so I waited outside. When I finally had an opportunity to check on her, she was fine. Until she saw me and busted into tears. I got her settled and participating in class and headed across the school to peak in on Tyler as promised. I could hear the teacher's voice from in the hall and I found him sitting in the front row. He caught me out of the corner of his eye but wouldn't look directly at me and just as soon as he saw me, he little chin began to quiver. That was one of the most broken-hearted moments of my life. Ms. Abney is a fantastic teacher, spotted him right away, and quickly pulled him out of it. So I blew him a kiss and went on my home with only my two babies and cried for at least an hour.

It's a natural process in life and a wonderful thing to watch our children advance through ages and stages. I can always empathize with their nerves and fears and it just breaks my heart. So this year I will be amazed at their strength as they enter a new school but sad for them because they are trembling inside. The first day will be the hardest and each day will get easier from there.

It seems as though new places and experiences for my children often bring new places and experiences to me as well and right in the middle of a bit milestone. In the last school Karli was entering kindergarten. This new year Mallory and Hailey, my babies, are entering preschool! It means a solid block of time so I can work, but I hope it goes quickly because I will miss them so much.

3 drops of sunshine:

Cindy said...

You will miss them but God will surely fill the hours with treasured moments.

Tabbie:) said...

I have just found your beautiful blog. Your post today made me excited to be a mom one day. I can't wait to love my children like that. What a sweet mom you are!! I am excited to read on.

Wendi said...

I could really relate to this - as I so often can with your posts. :) Next week K will be going to a new preschool. One where he will be mainstreamed (He was previously in a preschool for development delayed children) for the first time. It will be different and I will struggle to let him go. Those moments can be so challenging for a mother. I pray your children make the adjustments quickly and well.
I just love the compassion you have for couples who are struggling in their marriage. That is a God given gift that He will greatly use!!
By the way, I visited your photo blogs the other day and so love your photography! :)