Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in town

We've safely returned from our trip to the upper west side of Michigan. We had a very busy five days and a very busy week ahead. I'll share more of my vacation and some photos later this week. In the meantime, I've got a monster to do list!

getting kids registered for school
registering Mallory and Hailey for preschool (yikes)
I'm going to miss them all and they start next week!
As they banter behind me, maybe I won't miss them.
I'll miss them, just not the bantering!
I have three sessions to edit and new appointments this week and next
tons of laundry to tackle
a house to clean
clothes to buy for school
supplies to buy for school
three closets to go through to clear out the items that no longer fit (not fun!)

It's busy around here but a good busy. We're still blessed. Our needs are still met.

2 drops of sunshine:

Leslie said...

so much to do, it gets overwhelming huh some days...

thanks for your kind note... and now Im praying for you and super woman like powers, to accomplish all that needs to be done!

Shannon Crane said...

i second leslie's super woman like powers!!!

good to hear from you!