Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

All the kiddos headed back to school this morning with a smoother transition than I expected. We had a slight hiccup with Tyler last night. He was, as expected, feeling very nervous and overwhelmed. We covered him in prayer, gave him a couple of scriptures to hold onto, and sent him on his way. He spent a good portion of his first day waiting in the cafeteria for his school schedule but all else proved to be a very good day for him.

Faith and Karli had a competition with how many new friends they made. Mallory and Hailey just had a bit of an orientation tomorrow so their first official day is tomorrow. Prayer is a powerful thing, God guides our days, and covered us all in peace. While all the munchkins are gone tomorrow, I'm making brownies!

I of course have to share the first day photos...




2 drops of sunshine:

Erica said...

They are so cute. Do you mind sending me some copies so I can print them up??

Wendi said...

Aww! Gotta love first day of school pictures! :) Really great!