Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I've got a lot going on lately but have stopped to appreciate a few things here and there.

Watched Juno with Todd last night. Love the soundtrack, can't wait to get it. I loved the movie. It was especially moving for me I think because I was only a mere 16 when I got pregnant with my Tyler. Of course Juno is a Hollywood character; no one is as wise as her in those years!

If you'd ever like a little glimpse into my day to day with hubby Todd, watch this week's new episode of John & Kate Plus 8. It's the episode of "Girls Day Out." I wish Todd watched it with me, he was busy so I would laugh, hit pause, then run and tell him what they were bickering about. We could easily be them!

We've had a couple of fun days at the community pool. We are now cleaning the camper and preparing for our first trip of the season. We are headed up to Waters, MI for the 4th of July holiday with a friend of mine. I'm sure I'll have a few vacation pictures to post upon on return. We leave first thing tomorrow morning and I'm waaay behind schedule!

I had my first newborn shoot yesterday. Olivia was a perfect angel for me. She didn't say a peep and was perfect the entire time. I couldn't have asked for a better first experience. I'm really excited because I have about 1 booking per week for the upcoming weeks that we'll be in town so I'm happy to see my portfolio expanding. Check out my photo blog for a peak at Olivia.

Have a safe and happy anniversary celebration for our wonderful country!

1 drops of sunshine:

Wendi said...

Fun to get a llittle glimpse into your busy life. :) I love love your photography! Someday I will hire you to do some family pics. :)
I haven't seen Juno yet, but hope to soon. We haven't watched a movie in forever. Hard to find any thing worth our time, so I always appreciate when I hear of a good one.