Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Faithy!


Oh boy! You've entered double digits girl! You celebrated your 10th birthday this July 6th. This will be an easy one to write. Many, many things come to mind when I think of you. You are our oldest girl. You were the toughest delivery but the easiest baby. You were just perfect. You ate well and slept well. You were after all 9 lbs. 6 oz. at birth! You were such a sweet, sweet angel and perfect blessing. You are long past the days of long toes and fingers, rolly-polly thighs, and cheeks; boy did you have some cheeks! I remember the years of baldness; you were over 3 before you finally had hair on your head. Now it's curly, thick, and gorgeous.

Although at age 10 you are still but a child, I can already see glimpses of the young woman you will become (and boy are we in trouble). You have legs that go for miles, feet that are already as big as mine, and a heart larger than life. You are still the sweetest perfect angel. You are incredibly selfless. I swear I had nothing to do with that though and take no credit for it. You are down-to-earth, bubbly, happy-go-lucky, and unless you are overtired it takes a lot to get you down. But, when you are tired, LOOK OUT! I swear you think the whole world is coming to an end, or it at least should, no? I wish I could put into words all that I see in you and feel when you smile. Your smile is the core of who you are. You ARE one giant smile. Seldom do you pout or get disappointed when things don't go your way. Your father and I so love and appreciate that about you. Speaking of your father, well, you know he thinks you hung the moon.

You are the very best big sister this world has ever had. Karli is only 1 year behind you and though you think it's annoying, she just wants to be exactly like you and with you. She wants what you have, she wants your friends to be her friends, she looks up to you. Annoying, I know, but it is a very deep compliment. Mallory and Hailey, well what can I say but you are their "best friend." Yes I know they tell everyone they meet that they are their "best friend." But really, you are their number one best friend ever; like BFF even! At least until it's Karli's turn again. You are a giant help with them and always have been. I realize how much I depend on you and am eternally grateful! To Tyler you are younger but he does respect you. I saw many glimpses this weekend and caught many pictures when you didn't think I was looking. I've got proof you all do really love each other!

Each one of you has your special mixture of glue that holds us all together but I'm certain that your special mix is the stickiest. I am already so proud of the person you are. We are already good friends and it is my greatest hope that it carries into our future. When I grow up, I hope to be just like you. I love your heart, I love your spirit, I love the way you are always singing, I love that you love to entertain us, I love your cute butt and what's left of your cheeks. I want to hold onto this innocence for as long as possible. I pray our bond only continues to get deeper and stronger. It is my prayer that we are friends and confidants through your pre-teen and teen years. I pray that we always keep each other close. It is my prayer that you know and appreciate how precious it is to have an older brother to look after you and protect you and three sisters who look up to you. They'll be mad at you later in life for setting the bar so high.

You each have your own unique personalities, quirks, gifts, and talents. You take full advantage of all God has blessed you with. You are very charismatic and like your father, you know how to use it. You have learned very early on to choose your battles, let the small things go and fight for what is important to you; again you inherited that from your father. I think all you got from me was your reaction to needing sleep. Oh, and the eyes, the eyes are definitely mine. Those will be the very thing that get you into trouble though, well, and out of trouble too. Okay too much information. It has been an absolute joy raising you. It is an honor to call you my daughter. I'm still in the role of mom but I know one day I'll be your best friend. I'm excited for those years. If the next 10 are as awesome as the first; you'll bless my socks off. I love you girl! Happy Birthday!

xo xo xo xo xo

3 drops of sunshine:

Elizabeth said...

so sweet...i loved my 1-0 birthday! HAPPY BDAY FAITHY!

Becoming Me said...

Happy Birthday to your girl. What a sweet message

Christy said...

aaaahhhhhhhh, I was blog stalking and found you over on Erikas blog. What a sweet tribute to your girl. Aren't they the best! I plan on stopping in again. God bless the rest of your week.