Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's all about Mallory


I took my kids to the pool at the community center yesterday and especially enjoyed watching my twins Mallory and Hailey discover a new place. The center has a kiddie area which a large play scape and shallow water that sprays water in every direction. There is a large bucket on top of the playscape that is filled with copious amounts of water until it spills over. It was so funny to see Mallory watch the timing of it all. The water would loudly splash and spill down the playscape and when it was finished Mallory would quickly run up to the top and jump on the slide. She'd spend a few seconds "swimming" with her face in the water and would again return her eyes to that huge bucket to time it's spilling. This went on for about half of our time there before she finally got brave enough to play near the top while the water spilled out. She eventually sat at the edge of the pool intentionally waiting for the water to come crashing on her. I love how innocent she is.

Mallory and Hailey were given pink blankets with silk edges on them when they were born. We have four pink blankets in all but two different styles. They aren't very different actually but trust me, Mallory and Hailey know which ones belong to them. I put their clean clothes away yesterday, gave them each a clean "blanky" and put the dirty ones in the hamper. Mallory will now spend the rest of the weekend pulling the "dirty blanky" out of the hamper and sneaking the clean one in there. I can't figure out what is so special about the already used blanket that she loves but she is silly and loves her "dirty blanky."

My Mal is such a sweet, sweet little girl. I just wanted to share a couple of the things about her that make me want to eat her toes, bite her cheeks, and squeeze her, and love her.

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Wendi said...

I always want to chew on my kids too; cheeks, toes, thigh chub, doesn't matter - glad to know I'm not the only one. :)
My Jay's blankie is turning into a scrap of nothingness. I got a back up one, but he found it and now has to have both - so the two blankies are decomposing together now. Love them kids and their quirks! :)