Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Blog--My Salt Shaker

It's hard to believe I've only been blogging since January; it's become a part of me since then. It was then that I set out to get serious and focused about my daily walk with Christ. But, I've been in a funk. I remember a few weeks back posting a "I'm back on track" blog only to have continued to hide. Hide from Him. I've continued my blog but I'm ashamed to admit they've been fillers a lot of the time. I have learned that writing is truly a gift and it's inspired by the Holy Spirit. If I'm not in communication with the Holy Spirit then I'm empty; I've got nothing to write about, no inspiration. The Blog Mission Tour started over at Becoming Me came at a perfect time.

I began in January with a new commitment. My blog was originally intended for me to have a place to document my progress, keep me focused, and create an audience to hold me accountable. I had felt like I was lost in the crowd. Wondering aimlessly without direction. Without a purpose. I was passionate about a few things but unclear as to the direction I should take with each of them. Thus the name, "Finding My Place In This World." While I can say that my priorities are more clearly defined, I've not yet settled into them as much as I would like. I can also testify that I once stood at a fork in the road wondering which path to take. I now know which path is for me, but I find my self still planted in that fork in the road. That first step seems stuck in cement. Why do we allow ourselves to get to a place where we can be so worn down that it becomes easier to wonder down the beaten path and forgo our calling? Lately, I have felt a little lost in the crowd again. Like I'm standing with my enemies surrounding me, each taking a turn shoving me around. I feel broken and emotionally spent and lost. So I've spent the week knowing I have to sit alone and pray and talk to God and get forgiven...again to be able to write my mission statement. For personal reasons this blog has been for me everything I wanted it to be. I had no idea what God had in mind though. I had no idea my blog could actually be a blessing to others.

So why do I do this...

I first began looking for an outlet for my thoughts. A way to articulate my life as I discover who God intended me to be. While I've managed to accomplish that much in my writing, this blog is now so much bigger than that.

I blog because I know writing is a gift that God bestowed upon me to be used. When I write it's how I communicate with God. Something within me is set free. I am honest, sincere, and raw. I only hope that someone else can benefit from my life I document within my blog. My life has never been about a bunch of little trials going constantly. We just seem to deal with major storms that come out of nowhere with no warning. God has brought us through trial after trial and carried me through the sand many, many times. I was not created to endure that alone. I was not created to keep it to myself. If I suffered a miscarriage just so I could encourage a personal friend or fellow blogger through the suffering and share how God restored me and help one person, then that is why I blog. I was created to be salt of the earth, my blog is my shaker.

There isn't much in this lifetime in the way of trials that my husband and I haven't endured; I think I could cover it all. I will continue to pray over my blog and pray for those I meet in this community. I will continue to thank God for the fellowship and connections I've made within this community and continue to pray for them. I will continue to be spirit led and used as a vessel by God to be a blessing and help to others. Fellowship is a bonus. I love to get comments and to know people are out there and appreciate what I write. But, even if I had to do it in silence without any feedback ever, I'd do it anyway.

While I strive to keep my blog focused on Christ and for my readers to find a place of encouragement you will find a sprinkle of Todd, a touch of Tyler, a dash of Faith, a hint of Karli, and just a pinch of Mallory and Hailey along the way. Jesus is the main ingredient in my life; my husband and children are the spice of life. I can't help but share them with you.

5 drops of sunshine:

Elizabeth said...

Love your bloggy mission. :-) it's nice to see so many moms having the same or similar goals.

Yes, Esquire & Tulip are bloggy names... :-) My husband is an attorney (thus esquire) Tall, blonde & blue eyed. :-) My daughter is petite, curly haired princess with big blue eyes. :-) I chose Tulip for her nickname b/c she was born in the spring & her "two lips" are SOOO cute...she has a rosebud mouth. :-)

Elizabeth said...

fyi...feel good friday is up and ready...come over and see. :-)

Smilingsal said...

I agree, "fellowship is a bonus" of blogging.

Becoming Me said...

I love your mission, Kari! And we seem to have several similarities. I'm so glad you chose to participate.

Wendi said...

And a salt shaker you truly are!! I'm so glad I started reading your inspirational writing. :) I always enjoy my visiys.
Thanks for your aunthenticity and openness.