Friday, July 18, 2008

Feel Good Friday!

This is my first time participating in Feel Good Friday and I'm blessed so I have a lot to feel good about. There are lots of happy things going on around here. Elizabeth over at MommyETC lead us off in the topic of "song lyrics." Typically, I'd go right for the worship song that has recently touched me. However, I'm gonna have to go with First Time Ever I Saw Your Face performed by Leona Lewis. Why? Well because I'm getting a Web site together for my photography portfolio, client proofing, etc. and I'm selecting music for my galleries. This one of course is for my Wedding Gallery.

Tyler has practiced hard all week and plays in another tournament starting this evening. I love watching my children work hard to achieve something for themselves. I'm excited to watch him play this weekend. We're playing in our old neighborhood so an old neighbor and friend is going to stop by and watch Tyler play; seeing old friends makes me feel good.

I've got my selections for my galleries within my Web site set aside. I've got music chosen. I'm preparing to have a sample wedding album and coffee table book made. I'm renting a table for a Halloween bonanza that will be attended by over 400 families in October; hello leads! I'm revving up to have some sample prints made in some pretty large sizes and gallery wraps so I have samples to show clients. I'm getting bookings. I'm editing like crazy. I've uploaded a ton of my work to flickr. I'm getting a lot done. I've accomplished a lot in a few short months, that makes me feel good.

Writing, really writing, from my heart, oh how that makes me feel good. I've missed it.

I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and AC...I'm blessed. I feel good about being blessed.

3 drops of sunshine:

Elizabeth said...

thanks so much for participating. What a great post. :-)

if you go back over to my blog you can sign the MR Linky at the bottom to show that you've joined in & then other participants can also link to you and see what lyrics you chose. :-)

Becoming Me said...

Wonderful post!! Please check out my site, I've given you an award.

mattpatt said...

It is so great to travel along this wonderful electronic road and be inspired!