Friday, July 25, 2008

Legacy Part II

Can one person's decisions good and bad really affect thousands? Every decision we make good or bad literally affects thousands because our choices affect our children and their children. If we bring one person to Christ we again affect thousands. That one person will affect their children and their spouse and family and each of those people will affect their friends and family.

The discussion I had with friends this week combined with writing my blog mission last week has got me stirred up about why I serve God and the impact I hope to have in this life. I love this little book I got for Christmas from my father-in-law that I've mentioned in previous posts. It's called His Princess Love Letters from Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd.

My Princess...
You Are My Gifted One
I have given you the gift of eternal life, but My giving does not stop there. Inside of you is a supernatural surprise - a gift that is waiting to be you.
Yes, it's there. It's hidden behind dreams waiting to be pursued. Swallowed up by daily distractions and drowned by disappointment.
Let Me help you clear out the clutter and find your gift. You'll find it in that place in life that brings you the greatest joy, that place where your soul longs to be, that work your hands love to do.
But this gift that I've given to you is not just for you. I have blessed you to be a blessing to others. When you find your gift, I will take it and multiply it beyond what you could ever imagine. So ask Me, and I will help you open your gift so that you can give it away to the world - not to impress - but to bless.
Your King and the Giver of every good and perfect gift
I Peter 4:10 CEV Each of you has been blessed with one of God's many wonderful gifts to be used in the service of others. So use your gift well.
I feel utterly blessed to have discovered my gift and am humbled at the prospect of blessing others with it. Setting aside time each morning to praise and spend time with God makes and keeps me whole and strong. It blesses my children and husband because it makes me happier and more peaceful and a better wife and mother. My reading brings me closer daily to Jesus. When I first began this blog I set forth to find my purpose and passion in life and to discover my gifts and it was my prayer that those gifts be used by God to bless others. I am overflowing this morning because I have discovered my purpose in life which is to do what I was created to do, seek God, praise him, worship him, be thankful in all things, draw closer to him, and grow more into the likeness of his image. And, I know how to go about doing so. I've discovered my gift, that thing that pleases my soul, that my hands love to do. It's writing and it makes me feel free and whole. It's an additional blessing to have other passions like photography. I thoroughly enjoy it and it is truly a blessing to capture precious candid and authentic moments and portraits for a family to cherish forever. I play a small part in preserving memories for them. I thank God daily for my talents and the ambition to continue to move ahead and improve. I thank my husband for getting behind me with all his love and support and because of him I've grown so much in recent months. There is a lot in life I don't have but each day it's easier to shift my sight off of those things and onto the things I do have. I am richly blessed and thankful.
I have a prayer request I would like to mention on behalf of my friend Lisa. She has an uncle who had an anurism. The doctors have removed the right side of his skull, he has also had a stroke on the right side of his brain, and there appears to be no brain activity on that side of his brain either. The family has prayed and waits expectantly for a miracle. I would ask that you join us in agreement for that miracle. Where two or more agree, we can move mountains!

2 drops of sunshine:

Wendi said...

Kari, love the legacy song and the book you quited - so encouraging! Thinking I will need to add that one to my "must read soon" list! :) I just love the thought of who we are in Christ. It is so uplifting.
I spent many years thinking I had nothing to offer. I still struggle with that regularly - but now I know that comes from the author of lies. Discourgement leads to innefectiveness - one of Satan's biggest tools!
Thank you for this!

MoziEsmé said...

Thanks for sharing your talents and using them for God's glory. It is true that our actions impact thousands - scary thought at times!