Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The end of my childhood...

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Well, I guess it comes to no surprise that, that moment would be when I was the ripe old age of seventeen and gave birth to my first child. Yeah, yeah, I’ve chatted about it from time to time here on the good ole’ blog so you all already know how young I was. But, I thought I’d delve a bit deeper here.
Although we didn’t attend the same high school, I still consider the hubs to be my high school sweetheart because well, I was in high school after all. One summer the not-the-hubs (at the time) was expected in the Washington D.C. area for a family wedding and decided he wanted to bring me along. The week before, I was expected to go on vacation with my family; camping in Tennessee. So the not-the-hubs came with me on my family vacation; sounds like a good plan for a sixteen-year-old in love no? Anyway, we camped with my family then took a Greyhound to the D.C. area. It’s about an 8 hour drive that literally took 24 on that God forsaken bus! Not fun times I tell ya. I’m positive that vacation is what clinched our future together, okay it’s when Ty was conceived.
Skip ahead to the fall of 1994, I was in my senior year of high school and just broke the news to the not-the-hubs. That same night I HAD to tell my mom. I’ve never really been very good at keeping secrets. Apparently, it wasn’t a secret at all, she knew before I did and was just waiting for me to tell her. Dad who was already sleeping was stirred and knew something was up, but mom covered for me until the next day. So dad gets home from work the next day and we decide we need to fill him in. We ask him to sit down and he says, of all things, “what for, she about to tell me she’s pregnant or something.” Uh, yeah dad, you stole my punch line!
My parent’s made it clear this is not what they had hoped for but I had their full support behind me. My mother-in-laws reaction has been erased from my memory. I can’t honestly remember a thing she said. But, she was nice to me, supportive when we got married and she’s always been one to tell me like it is, none the less, I’m sure she felt the same as my parent’s. It wasn’t so much what they said but let’s be real, this was their worst nightmare!
There was a lot of nausea, a wretched kidney infection that kept me in the hospital for a week and out of school for the remainder of the pregnancy (my doctor was a saint), lots of nights begging Todd to stay instead of running free with his friends, one really bad Chinese dinner where it wasn’t just nausea, and a couple of baby showers. I got so thin in the beginning, the girls at school started to tell me I looked good! If only they knew!
While lying in that hospital bed, the not-the-hubs proposed to me and asked if he could be the hubs. It was Valentine’s Day. So Tyler was born in May, I graduated high school (with honors might I add) in June, and we were married in August of 1776, I mean 1995.
I will never forget the instant, unequivocal, unconditional love I felt for that boy and still do today, both of them actually. Todd was quickly ushered out of the room before his head hit the floor but he returned shortly. He didn’t leave the room quick enough though because dad who was waiting very impatiently outside the door had been informed that the baby was born so he thought he’d let himself in. For you moms, having just given birth no more than three minutes ago, having your dad storm the room is not the perfect timing. Thank God for those sheets that hung in front of the doors! Shew, my dad was spared a lifetime of his own nightmares.
Tyler was perfect but, my butt was still huge, I felt like the” well” that fed the kid would hurt for the rest of my life, and I just may never be able to sit again. But, Tyler was perfect. Our parent’s were perfect, except for when they overstayed and/or turned a short visit into a houseful of guests which often included a meal as well. They did it out of love though, this I know.
My fiancé’, our new baby, and I lived in the basement at my parent’s house until after the wedding when we bought, you guessed it, a double wide! Actually, it was only a single but I couldn’t resist. My life sounds like a country song for pete sake! It was our home and we really loved it. Too bad that was all we loved. The rest really isn’t even worth mentioning because it was just pure misery. Fighting over who’d change the diaper, I worked, Todd didn’t. We had no idea what the heck we had gotten ourselves into and we were a hot mess. This was definitely the most trying time of our marriage. I wanted to quit and throw in the towel each and every day. I thank Jesus daily for Todd’s persistence, strength, patience, and perseverance. I also thank Him daily for finally getting a hold of our lives. I can just imagine the mess it would be had we been left to our devices.
Tyler was a strong-willed little bugar from the very start. Full of life and energy and the eagerness to touch everything he was supposed to. To find out what all the rules were so he could intentionally break em’ all. Thank God that all changed after he turned five. Since then he’s been such a sweet boy with a sweet spirit and a tender heart. He’s been one we could always talk to. Enforce consequences when he breaks the rules but he responds quickly and reverts back to the proper path. He truly is a good boy. He’s naïve for his age, not a bit street smart at all, and I think he’ll always be a mama’s boy. I don’t mind a bit!

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Barely Domestic Mama said...

I love that this story has a happy ending. :) It sounds like God has truly blessed you and your family.

April said...

I love that story too. Mine was quite the same. But, I was pregnant at 16, graduated a year early with honors, married the guy and then got divorced. We are both happily married to other people now and love life.

Melissa said...

What a great story Kari ~ it is truly amazing how God was working for the 2 ofyou even though you didn't quite know it then...a great ending to a scary begining...thanks for sharing!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Kari,

Great story! Very insightful!

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Namine said...

great story!! Nice to hear things are good!!

thanks for sharing

NateAndJakesMom said...

We not only share a name but also giving birth before we really should have - my son was born 11 days before I turned 18. I wish it was the moment my childhood ended... I wasn't a horrible mom but I wasn't the best I could have been. I spend every day trying to make up for it.
I am glad your story has a happy ending.

TheRie said...

I can so relate to this and your last post. I remember the dreadful night I told my mom. She also knew and was just waiting for me to say it out loud. She told me I had to tell my dad, but then decided to buffer it the next day and tell him herself. Mike and I walked into the room the next day and my dad says "So, anything new goin on"? It was so funny. My dad was usually the "I'm gonna kill you" kind of guy. We could never talk to him about anything. My dad showed me more love in that next 9 months than he had ever shown me growing up. He even bought me a glider rocker for the Mothers Day before Mike was born. His stance was that we could cry about it or laugh and be happy about it. My mom, the usual support system was usually the helpful one. This time it was my dad. It was weird.

Cindy said...

Hi Friend,
I haven't been by for such a long time. Blogging has been closer to the bottom of my list than the top.
Now that hubby is unable to work I have been working so many more hours that when I am home - well - I am so tired.
Thanks for stopping by my blog to encourage me.
Thank you for sharing this story with your readers. My story is so very different but we still serve and are comforted and protected and loved by the same GOD.!!!

Blessings to you,

Tabbie:) said...

Oh wow, what an incredible story!! God is so faithful!! I love how your story has transformed into something so beautiful!!