Friday, August 15, 2008

Feel Good Friday

I wrote this mid-week and intended to post it earlier but it felt a little more like "Feel Good Friday" and though it wasn't intentional that is why it lands. I love lists. My world revolves around not just one list but many lists. I have a list for what I need to do for my business, another list of things that need to be done around the house, a list of items I'd like to soon pick up, a list of errands that need to be ran, and a list that never has much get crossed off it which consists of things like making a scrapbook of the Murder Mystery party we had. I love making the list and one the greatest and simplest pleasures in life for me is to cross an item off of my list. So I spent the week feeling like I was blasting through many of items on my many lists and it feels good to get things done. So what better way to display the things I'm feeling good about then, well, a list!

-having laundry done on Tuesday instead of Friday
-a clean bathroom, or it was at least on Tuesday
-a teenage boy's room where you can see the floor, like spotless, organized, clean, it's a wonderful thing
-editing a session in two days
-getting to know Lightroom so it can revolutionize my life, I mean, workflow
-opportunities to rekindle old friendships. It was great seeing you Beth and Gina!
-sharing the wedding day of a dear friend, the moment she walked down the aisle, the first time she introduced herself as Mrs. Girgenti, their first moments as husband and wife, and having a blast of a time at a reception filled with old friends and acquaintances
-spending most of the evening chatting it up with an old friend who is also a photographer, priceless, and so grateful she is willing to share everything she knows, thank you Beth Merritt!
-finding time for a few of those items on my "other" to do list
-creating the dress rehearsal bouquet and even a headpiece for Patty's wedding
-crossing off items on the to do list, editing sessions, and still having family time is a wonderfully fulfilling balance
-snuggles with a toddler that doesn't feel very well, I don't like that she doesn't feel well, but I'm grateful to be here to hold her
-looking forward to a full weekend of appointments
-even more to a date night with Todd, dinner, a ball game, and drinks at the casino, yum!

Karli loved the dress rehearsal bouquet and headpiece I made using all the ribbons from Patty's wedding shower and modeled them for me along with the headpiece. It's super cheesy but that's the point, no?





Praying you ALL having something to feel good and thankful about!

2 drops of sunshine:

Elizabeth said...

hi! haven't been over here lately b/c of my move...but hoping to visit more as soon as i get settled. BUT...i just love that you did feel good friday...i'm hoping to get back to hosting it next friday and hope you can join in. hope you truly had a great friday.

Wendi said...

How in the world do you do it all?! You must be a great mutlitasker! :) SO many great accomplishments!