Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Karli...


Three months after Faith arrived, we learned you'd be here soon. Only one year and five days separate your arrivals. You were smaller, quieter, and less demanding; at first anyway. You were very quiet and observant, always just taking everything in. You were content and googly-eyed until we put you down. You wouldn't have any part of that though; not even for five minutes! But as soon as we'd swoop you up you were perfect and quiet and content again. Trying to get you to sleep was um, challenging. Even in your sleep you knew when you had been put down. You were definetely a sucker as well. You needed a finger or a pacifer in order to fall asleep. Tricky thing is, they don't stay there. So I'd place you in your swing with my finger over the pacifer as you began to fall asleep and follow the swing back and forth until you were totally out. You eventually found your way to your thumb and snuggled with a blankie until you were three. When you woke in the middle of the night you would eat and want to stay up and play; so you slept in my arms on the couch until morning. After having Faith who ate like a champ and went down at 7:00 p.m. and slept until 7:00 a.m. at 6 weeks; you rocked my world.

You spent nearly two years in silence, not making a peep. Only observing. But when you realized you have a voice, a set of lungs all your own, look out world, Karli has arrived. It was like you all of the sudden came alive. You were a challenge back then and the baby of the family for five years. You got everything you wanted and then some. Then, Mallory and Hailey were born, you weren't the baby anymore, and that rocked your world. I wish for your sake I could say that four years into their arrival you've found your place but you still struggle with that. You want so badly to be on their level but your obviously just too big. You want so badly to be on Faith's level but you two are worlds apart. But, we don't want you to be Mallory or Hailey or Faith. We want you to be Karli, embrace it, because unique you are. Well as unique as you possibly can be because what Faith didn't get from you, you did girl. One day your dad is going to sneak a picture of us butting heads. Your a "mini-me" all the way. Watching you grow is like taking a peak into my childhood. From the way you socialize, the way you perform in school, to the things around you that you love like your clothes, shoes, dabbling in make-up, singing and music. We love a lot of the same things. We have a lot of the same bad habits. I did so many of the very same things you are doing now and it doesn't always turn out well so I try to save you from it. Oh but like me, you must learn the long and hard way so you'll discover all those lessons on your own. You won't have it any other way and to this day, I have to learn on my own as well so who can blame you.

You have this mischevious laugh and the look to match. Your hair is down to the middle of your back. You have tons of tiny freckles on your cheeks. You are the skinniest thing and have the longest legs. You are smart, funny, entertaining, and unique. You easily excel in school. You have the sweetest spirit. You love the Food Network. You love to cook. You love crafts, glitter, and all things girly. I love taking you shopping. I love to see your expression when you find things you appreciate and the excitement in your eye. I love holding your hand. I love the way you relate to Mallory and Hailey. I love the way you patiently share your make-up and nail polish with them. I love that you use them as guinnea pigs often spending hours in the bathroom giving them "make-overs." I cherish these moments and hope to remember them for my life time. The small every day things that all you girls do that I sometimes take for granted now.

Karli you are so super sweet and so passionate. I see so much of myself in you. It will seem for a long time that finding your place will elude you but you'll find it. Learn this lesson much earlier than I did. Find Him, find Him fast and early, and you'll find you. As your personality continues to shape I can imagine your father and I will be in for one heart attack after another. You are spontaneous and without a care in the world much of the time. I love that about you but wish you had just an ounce or two more of caution.

It is my prayer as you get older into those more challenging years that we'll lay in your bed at night and whisper. You can tell me all that ailes you. I'll offer my advice and guidance, you'll ignore me and do your own thing, but I'll always be there to hold you, embrace you, and wipe away your tears. And, in the days when all goes your way we can giggle about the good times, talk about boys, and what you'll wear to school in the coming days. I have a feeling I may need a lock on my closest in the future as well and a safe for my shoes! Until then I'll enjoy the twinkle and mischeif in your eye, your curiosity, your fast pace, and vigor for life.

Happy 9th Birthday baby girl! Happy Birthday!


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Wendi said...

Kari, this was so much fun to read!! What a great picture you painted with your words. I feel like I know Karli now! :)
Your blog will have to be my fix for hearing about what it would be like to be the mom of girls... :)
Congrats on the success of your son as well. You must be so proud! :)