Thursday, June 5, 2008

Go Wings!

We're celebrating in 'D-town' baby! Welcome back Stanley! This is Detroits 4th time capturing the cup in 11 years! Congratulations Red Wings!

What I'm listening to:

I'm loving my new 22" LG Flat Screen Monitor and all the color wonder it has to offer!

I'm working on laundry and ironing today and gearing up for another weekend of Girl Scout camp with my daughter Karli this time.

I'll be spending the afternoon in the swelting, unpredictable Michigan summer weather of 90+ degrees at the elementary school for Fun Day. Then off to Faith's softball game.

Tyler is pitching this season and it has made the games so much more fun. He is quite good. Each time he pitches he either strikes em' out and those that are hit are fielded and kept off of first base even. My heart oozes with pride. Here is one of Tyler pitching.


2 drops of sunshine:

Wendi said...

YAY! GO RED WINGS! :) We were ridiculous to stay up and watch the last couple of games, but it was so much fun. My husband has to be up at 5am for work, so Monday’s game was the cause of sleep deprivation for him. :) Last night was great. We got the boys to bed, then cuddled up and watched the wings win! I fell asleep a couple of times, but I have a few good reasons ;)
You are one busy lady!! I'm sure in a few years, after the 'baby stage' has come and gone, I will be running all over the place with my 4. Life is good. Crazy busy, but good. :)
It's fun getting little glimpses of your life. ::)

Erica Young said...

Yeah go Wings! Have fun with Karli this weekend; it's nice that you get to spend some time with her. And yeah I was blog stalking Leslie so I figured I would leave her a comment. LOL!