Friday, June 13, 2008

Dance for your life!

And Kortni and five others did. Kortni's choreography and connection with the judges kept her in the competition. Will stole the spot for my favorite performance. He is my number one fellow I'll be hoping to perform well and stay alive in this. Ultimately it was Rayven and Jamie who went home.

The group portion and opening number was choreographed by Wade Robson. I love Wade Robson's choreography and last night's number was no exception but I didn't like the mood of it. It was too violent and angry for me. My all time favorite of Wade's is Ramalama Bang Bang.

On another note...I was in the process of organizing my photos and moving them to CD. I was at it for almost three hours and in the end the CD has no remaining space but guess photos either!!!! Ugh! I've got to redo them all. The worst part was organizing them so that part is at least finished but I'm impatient when it comes to sitting and waiting for the folders to copy. Who has time to sit and watch the timer! I could have sat on my dupa' for three hours doing nothing and still have as much accomplished.

One more night of baseball then we have the weekend off; sort of. Tyler is trying out for the tournament team and try-outs are at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Lots of other fun stuff to get done this weekend also: grocery shopping, cleaning house, etc. After church on Sunday I'm hoping go for a drive to a few different spots and take some shots of different areas for on-location shoots. Faith and Karli both have birthday's in July and new outfits for them to each have thier own little photo shoot. I also have a shoot coming up for some headshots and a few for a young ladies portfolio; she wants to be a model. I'm very excited about this one!

The kids have all been out of school this whole week and it's been interesting and chaotic as they are still settling in to the changes. I hope they settle fast!

Have a great weekend!

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Elizabeth said...

hey, thanks for stopping by. we DO have a lot in common...i also love fashion! I didn't add it to my crazy 8 passion list but it is definintely a passion of mine.

such a bummer about the photo cd...ever consider using a thumb drive? they seem more reliable than CDs and very easy to store & use. :-) I'm on my 2nd 4gb for Tulip's photos. :-)

glad you stopped by...I've pegged you!