Monday, April 7, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

- bubble baths
- going for walks
- early mornings when Mallory, Hailey and the dog climb into bed with us
- God's presence
- chai tea & mochas
- ice cream
- the smell of skunks
- reading (I love books)
- blogging and writing
- a newly cleaned home
- that feeling you get when the laundry is done (oh wait that never happens!)
- photography
- uplifting others
- family dinner games
- mexican dominos
- singing & dancing
- watching movies on my couch with Todd
- laying in his lap while he combs through my hair with his fingers
- listening to my children pray
- watching them raise their hands at church with eyes closed during praise & worship
- missing them while their at camp
- seeing the fresh sparkle in their eye when they return
- watching Hailey smell her “blanky” & Mallory suck her thumb
- camping trips
- sitting at the beach all day
- wrestling with Tyler
- dinner with friends
- hearing Faith sing worship songs out of the blue
- being with my parents
- long chats with my dad
- scrapbooking
- sewing
- decorating or rather the planning of decorating
- organizing (it's an illness)
- blog walking
- listening to Mallory practice her recital song, she’s 4 and sings the first part of the verse
then goes into “step together, step together, shuffle step, shuffle step; it’s fantastic!
- reality TV
- watching my children dance and play sports
- boating
- connecting with Kevin
- being alone with God in the morning.

2 drops of sunshine:

HisGracie said...

I love your list! So many things alike! Except...the smell of skunks! Ewww! But I suppose, someone must love them:) Where did that 'like' come from?

Leslie said...

love the list, we have some similarities.... so glad to see such a cheerfull post for a day looking ever so springy... thanks Kari