Thursday, January 17, 2008

Turn off the auto pilot!

My husband e-mailed this MSN article to me today to inform me of all his husbandly awesomeness; I just had to share it with you. Pass it along to your hubby's ladies. Men like this really do exist!

1) Take an interest in something your wife is really passionate about. This can be especially tough for guys, because we generally feel that if someone else has interests that differ from ours, they're morons. It's not an easy task, and being able to show interest in something that matters to someone you love shows growth—and that's terrifying. Good, but terrifying. Accomplish this and you'll make her feel better about herself, and you get better insight into what makes her tick.
True fellas! Not only does my husband take an interest, he makes me feel as though I can accomplish ANYTHING and even help me find the right resources to make it happen.

2) Put the kids to bed. Once a week give her the night off and put the kids to bed by yourself. Let her take a hot bath, read a book, or check gossip on the Web and forget about the kids. I'm always amazed how happy this makes my wife. It ranks somewhere between low-end jewelry and a Hawaiian vacation.
Once a week! My husband puts this guy to shame! Often times we put the kids to bed together because I feel guilty for not doing it more.

3) Learn to apologize. This is the easiest one, and the hardest one. A marriage is a marathon, and we all fly off the handle too quick or let our temper get the best of us sometimes. When you're wrong, it's best to step up and apologize. It's amazing how fast "I'm sorry" can defuse a stupid argument about something you can't even remember.
Well this isn't new information people, women are ALWAYS right so just apologize and we can get on with it!

4) Thank her for putting up with you. Every once in a while, just thank her for putting up with you. That's all you have to say. Don't launch into a list of your faults, or the story about coming home two days late from that Vegas bachelor party. Just thank her, and let her know that you understand that you're not the easiest person in the world to live with.
That should so be my line in our marriage but he is so fantastically loving that he is always the first to apologize and he does occasionally just say "hey I'm glad you love me."

5) Clean up after yourself. Take care of that late night snack or morning cereal bowl. Setting them in the sink is one thing, but go that extra mile and actually put them in the dishwasher. After all, no one enjoys scraping bacon dip off a bowl that's been sitting too long or smelling the chili from the night before. A beer bottle on the counter the next morning is even worse.
Like any male species (husband, puppy, child) this one took some training, consistency, and hard work.

6) Make time for just the two of you. Take her on a date once a month. Surprise her by arranging child care, ordering a pizza for the kids, and getting a sitter. She will be so thrilled at your ability to take care of the details that reservations at the best restaurant in town aren't even necessary. The fact that you love her enough to do this would make a Big Mac taste like cracked crab.
Okay for this one my husband graciously admitted on his own accord a severe lack in this level of skill we call romance! He did propose on Valentine's Day but I swear, for my husband, it was just another Tuesday!

7) Groom yourself. Don't embarrass her when you venture out of the house. Check the ears, nose, neck and yes, feet for hair or other growths that shouldn't be there. She not only wants you to impress her friends by how you act, but also by how you look.I'm sure all can tell at first glance that hair is not a problem my husband has to deal with.
All I can say for my hubby on this one is that he could be a bit more agreeable and just put on the darn outfit I have chosen for him already and shush!

8) Get away from the family. Yep, you're getting a free pass. This takes a left turn from the others, but it's essential. Get away from all your responsibilities and go camping or on a golf outing with the guys. You'll laugh, relax, and recharge your batteries. And all three will make you a much better husband when you return.
Okay the man who wrote this article obviously does not have a wife that stays at home with his children! I violently disagree! Just kidding! All parents especially the sole provider of a wife and five children deserve a peaceful reprieve from the day to day chaos of life.

9) Deal with your side of the family. Help your wife set expectations with your side of the family when it comes to making plans. Don't make her inform your parents that they won't be seeing their grandkids on Christmas this year—pick up the phone and do it yourself. Dealing with extended family can be a huge stress throughout the year, and you don't want the burden to fall entirely on her.
Now this one is super easy, short and sweet - AMEN!!!!

10) Don't lose your dating manners. Remember, she's your wife, not one of your buddies. Don't burp during dinner, or squeeze one out during the movie as she's reaching for the popcorn. You wouldn't have done that while you were dating, and you shouldn't do it now. Continue to try and impress her. Do everything you can to keep the fire alive, and fight the urge to let the passion die. Find the new, hot place to eat or take her to see a cool band that's in town. Have fun, laugh, and make sure you tell her how great she looks.
I'm looking forward to a date with my husband!

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