Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As I mentioned yesterday, Melissa over at Home is where your story begins passed this Awe-Summm award onto me! I always knew I was a queen! Yes, I feel super special! After you finish getting your daily dose from me, you may want to head over to Melissa's blog, check her out and let her know you stopped by. Melissa and I found each other's blogs and connected through I Heart Faces and I just adore her sweet spirit. And, while your at it check out Carrie (cool name, I know) over at Martin Manor Happenings as well.

Now... I am to list 7 things that make me Awe-Summm and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers I love. Make sure to tag the recipients and let them know they have won! Also link back to the Queen that tagged me.

1. My five kids are not the sit-behind-the-tv or play-video-games-all-day kinda kids. They have energy, lots of it! The very last thing my kids need is sugar. So I try to keep my kiddos eating as health as I can. I pick up things like Honey-Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Life cereals for breakfast. I'd love to make the move over to a multi-grain waffle. I buy tons, and I mean tons of fruit and they always eat it all up. My girls take salads to school for lunch much of the time. I prefer they snack on yogurt and string cheese. I'm not totally rotten though and I have a rampid sweet tooth of my own so I do buy a few 'delicacies' for their lunches. So I feel Awe-Summm when I come home from the grocery store and my kids overwhelm me with thanks and love and hugs and kisses because I bought Nilla Wafers and applesauce!

2. This is NOT easy! I don't know that there are too many things I can say I are so cool about me that I'm awesome or that I do that make me awesome. I don't want to be haughty. But, when Monday comes to a close and my laundry is done and my there is a full week of freshly pressed stuff in the closet for the hubs; I'm Awe-Summm!

3. Talking my daughter Karli into trying out for the Talent Show at school by herself instead of relying on a friend due to stage fright without her even knowing, I think that makes me Awe-Summm! Karli is super talented and such an entertainer. She's stuck dead middle in our family and I wanted her to have some light of her own. Auditions are today. She chose I Might Even be a Rockstar by Hannah Montana because, well, Karli is a rockstar!

4. Tyler has had a rough year finding his place at the new school and adjusting. He's pretty shy and doesn't have a very good self-esteem and got pretty weary about it. So being the Awe-Summm mom that I am, I gave him a fresh, super cool and stylish haircut so he's super handsome and updated his wardrobe with a few pieces from those designer shops that he thinks he "has to wear."

5. I do have four other kids to clothe though so we picked up the brands he wanted and saved a ton of money by hitting the clearance section at the perfect time and hit up a resale shop that carries those brands as well. Making a teenage boy feel more confident about himself while spending the same amount I would have at Target; that's Awe-Summ!

6. Paid off a car this week, uh yeah, that's Awe-Summm! Thank you to a Lord who supplies, my hard working hubs who is disciplined, and the IRS!

7. This final one isn't really about how Awe-Summm I am at all. It's about how Awe-Summm the hubs is to me and how Awe-Summm my bloggy friends who keep me going are!

I now pass this dazzling award on to:

Erica - Happy Anniversary girl!

Leslie - One of the loveliest ladies in blog land and wise beyond her years!

Tabbie - How she always knows just where I am!

Jen V - Check out her awesome photo blog! Jen is super dear to me!

Melissa - Who I hope is continuing on her road to restoration!

Cindy - Super sweet lady!

Becca - Love staying up-to-date with her family!

4 drops of sunshine:

Becca said...

aw thanks so much girl! :-) you rock!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kari. You're pretty dear to me as well. So glad that we're coming to know each other.
I'm not sure I have 7 things about me to share. It took me all day to do that 25 things about me on facebook, but I'll try!
PS.. Thanks for mentioning my blog too. =)

Melissa said...

Oh I loved your list so deserve this! Have a great week-end and Happy Mother's Day to you!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the award girlfriend.
I'm not sure that I'm so Awe - Suummm - but I appreciate the encouragement.

Happy Mothers Day!!!