Monday, March 9, 2009

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This is a moment from the annual banquet for Crossroads Crisis Pregnancy Center her in Rochester, MI. I had the pleasure of having my name dropped in a hat when they were looking for a photographer for their annual Walk-a-thon this past summer and I was asked to come back to photograph the banquet. The annual banquet is a big fundraiser for the center and they had over 750 guests! It was an amazing and blessed event. The key-note speaker was none other than, Nick Vujicic!

You can read Nick's story here:

And watch this incredible Youtube video here...

Nick is a phenominal man of God and a true blessing to every person he encounters!

The Crossroads Crisis Pregnancy center's work is so important to me because of how my family began. I was fifteen when I met my husband and we began to date. At the age of sixteen, I came home with him one evening to inform my parent's that they were expecting their first grandchild. Married at the age of seventeen and the rest, as they say, is history.

I can't explain why, but abortion was not an option for me. But, this isn't the case for so many woman and teens who face the trauma of an unexpected pregnancy every day in this city, state, and across the country. I had two warm and supportive families to turn to, mine and Todd's. When they say "it takes a village" it isn't merely a cliche. I'll continue to contribute my prayers, time, and talents to an orgization that is so near and dear to me and stand alongside them as they nurture one soul at a time.

The center is in existance for this reason...

They are an organization of people who care about you! As an organization of concerned Christians, they are committed to helping you deal with the critical life issues surrounding your pregnancy. Whether you are single or married, whether your pregnancy was planned or not, whether this is your first pregnancy or not, they are there to help. They offer physical, emotional, and spiritual support to all regardless of marital status, religion, gender, age, or race.
The trained staff and volunteers can provide you with:
Pregnancy testing
Limited ultrasound
Pregnancy counseling
STD Information
Abortion Information
Fetal development information
Prenatal health care info.
Adoption information
Medical referrals
Childbirth and infant care training
Assistance with maternity and baby
clothing and other needs
and perhaps the most important,Post-abortion counseling

To make a donation to The Crisis Pregnancy Center click here:

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so cool i will look for that picture .

Melissa said...

What a fun thing to pass on...and such a great story you shared. The video was real touching...he has an amazing story. thanks for sharing, have a great week.

Elizabeth said...

i just got info to a nearby preg crisis center that i am considering volunteering at...such a great sysstem to be a part of. thanks for sharing your info & story!