Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sharing Time

Okay, so I was tagged like 10 times this week on Facebook to write 25 Random Things About Me. I thought I'd share...

1. I'm one of "those" those woman who can't get enough of Hollywood
2. I choose Entertainment Tonight over the news 99% of the time
3. I watch The Bachelor
4. I think he's just lookn' for some action personally
5. Watching so much of The Bachelor has me watching to take up a collection of pretty scarves and run on the treadmill until I look that good
6. I watch too much TV
7. It's typical of me to be reading 3-4 books at any given time
8. I'm longing to decorate
9. I heart HGTV
10. I'm getting ready to repair some hems on a few polish dance costumes
11. I'm getting ready to make a whole jacket for Tyler for his polish dance recital
12. Last year I hand beaded Hailey's whole vest with millions of sequins
13. My children are all hard core entertainers, I wish I had a video camera!
14. I'm sick of the cold
15. My Web site is almost finished
16. I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would
17. I can honestly say I used to be shy, that took years!
18. I can also honestly say I used to be a follower! That one feels super good!
19. I'm one of those who also thinks that those who gossip with you will gossip about you
20. I used to be a gossiper
21. I'm really not happy about the broken windshield wiper that has left me stranded and having to cancel my appointment
22. I'm happy to have a good neighbor who is going to replace it for me so I can pick up my kids from school
23. I'm not always as confident as I look or say I am
24. I do believe in myself
25. And I'm glad to be surrounded by friends and family who also believe in me.

3 drops of sunshine:

Tabbie:) said...

A seriously GREAT list!
I can't wait to see your new website!! I love your work!!

Shannon said...

Enjoyed that Kari!
I too am one who is ready for Spring any day now:)

Elizabeth said...

a great list...i got tagged too in my circle of FB friends...finally did it today and was also thinking I should put it on my blog. :-) I think I might. :-)