Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All twisted and knotted

My nerves are just a big ball of jumble today. I've only got a few days left and the inside of my home is no further along than it was on Thursday or Friday! I'm just completely overwhelmed at this point because there are days of things today and um, I still have a very busy life to attend to outside of packing our things. Where is help when you need it!?! My mother-in-law does have my twin girls today so that is a huge help and blessing. My garage is pretty much empty with the exception of a few things that need to go into storage and the backyard is empty as well. That actually is a pretty huge accomplishment. I'm not really sure how people do this in one weekend.

Well, I guess I can't really hide behind this thing forever so I better get busy. This is what's on my "to do" list this week.

-lots & lots of laundry
-finish packing up the furnace room, tools, decorations, etc.
-my husband needs to finish his paperwork stuff downstairs
-pack up the bar area and glasses and such
-pack up mine and the kids books
-pack up and move Mallory and Hailey's toys
-clean my ever so disgusting living room!
-wash and pack the last of our linens
-pack up my kitchen (not one thing has been packed in there yet)

Before I overwhelm myself any further I'm just gonna go get started in the basement.

2 drops of sunshine:

Leslie said...

hope your doing good, and feeling on top of it.. I so hate hate hate moving... but love being in a new place.

Wendi said...

UUUgggghh. Makes me tired just reading about it. Wish I could lend a hand. Moving is a BIG job. The progress may seem super slow right now, but you ARE making progress! Keep your head up friend and remember there are many prayers being offered on your behalf!!