Friday, April 25, 2008


I had to be at the elementary school at 7:30 this morning with all four of my girls to decorate the cafeteria & gym for VIP Day. I never leave my house that early; thank you Jesus I don't work, I could never pull it off every day. For those mom's who do it every day, giant kudos, you rock, I don't envy you.

While in the cafeteria the lunch lady came in to set up breakfast for those kids that eat at school in the morning. Irritated to find us there she began to tidy certain areas and place other items out just so. Everything had a place and it had to be perfect. My children and I were clearly not part of the normal deal and I could tell we were making her very nervous. So I can already tell she's freaking out about these kids being in her cafeteria and I'm filling up balloons which my girls are of course running and jumping around with. The balloons begin to pop because I'm using a little air thingy and have put too much air in them. This freaks her out even more. My girls insist they are popping because there are nails or other sharp objects behind the curtain that the balloons have bumped so the balloons all get shuffled onto the cafeteria floor and off of the stage. The lunch woman tolerates this for about...thirty seconds then comes over to inform me that she cannot be responsible for what will happen to said balloons when the breakfast crew arrives. I must move them back onto the stage. I'm now anticipating about one-hundred kids to start filing in and running about obnoxiously instead of eating their breakfast.

Faith sits at the table to finish up a couple of things from her homework the night before (nice work habits, I know). The lunch woman again tolerates this for about thirty seconds then kicks my daughter off the table because she needs every last chair for the breakfast crew. Next she picks up my girls belongings off the cafeteria floor and places them on the stage because said breakfast crew never makes the garbage can when they throw away their scraps and garbage. Who are these kids anyway? Okay this lady is on my nerves now seriously!

I laugh to myself though because I remember when I used to be like that. It was so bad that my husband would go around the house and move things just so he could watch me go by later and put them back! It was a cruel game. Well nowadays when I start laundry on Monday and don't finish until Friday only to have just as much to do as I did when I started on Monday, I'm okay with it. I don't like the crumbs on the carpet or the sticky orange juice on the kitchen floor right where I need to stand to load the dishwasher but I can overlook it. Hey! I've come a long way!

Well my PTO and Girl Scout partner Teresa and I laughed about this woman's obsessive antics as she continued to pick up jackets off the floor and ensured everything was in its place and I was relieved to be free of that condition. We then noticed my four-year-old twins neatly lining up and ever so perfectly placing all the balloons in a straight line across the platform that the choir students use to perform. Apparently I'm not as free from it as I thought and even worse, I seem to be passing it on!

By the way, the breakfast crew, yeah about fifteen of the sweetest kids who barely had their eyes open!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that story:) It quite grabbed my interest because my husband IS the 'lunch lady' LOL! Well, not the ocd one though. He oversees the food program at 4 schools. The whole time I'm reading about that lady preparing for the breakfast crew, I'm thinking "yeah, 6 sleepy kids"!!
And hey, if you don't mind, could you sprinkle some ocd dust thisaway?? Enough for me and just a bit for the kids?! If they would take the time to line up ANYTHING I might just do back flips for them!!
Good to hear that you are relaxing though, even if it's just a bit. Finding that balance, that freedom, is a gem. (Notice I said balance...I'm a bit on the other end...perhaps we could meet in the middle!)