Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mommy Blues

Mommy blues for all the good things my blessings are into these days. I left my son at school this morning while he waited to get on a bus to go to Camp Tamarak for a few days with the seventh grade class. I'm mad at my husband for making me do such things! He left this morning and will be back by Friday afternoon but it's still tough for some reason. This is probably his fourth overnight trip away from home but this one didn't prove any easier than the first.

Tyler's first trip away from home was for a full five days this past summer to youth camp in Hillsdale, MI. I swore I'd be fine and wouldn't cry! I think I was just trying to talk myself into it. It was awkward for both of us; me for wanting to keep my little boy at home but knowing he isn't my little boy and I have to allow him these freedoms. Him for wanting this freedom but secretly feeling boyish and nervous about his adventure. We kissed and hugged good-bye and I quickly jumped into my car to avoid the tears. “If I get the heck outta here I'll be fine!” But, to my surprise my Karli was in the car crying hysterically about how much she'd miss him and she didn't want him to go. It was one of the sweetest moments ever with my children and of course I lost it! It takes me about a 1/2 hour to get home from church and I cried the whole way. So the tears did come today but only a welling, they never hit my cheek. Tyler will be thirteen in May and this trip to camp only further confirms his transformation from a boy to a teen.

Also happening this week is our annual Polish dance recital. My husband is 50% polish; he and his sister grew up polish dancing from age three until they graduated high school. Our oldest three all started at age three and have danced every year with the exception of the year we took off due to the birth of our twins. Karli is celebrating a milestone this year; 5 years! Mallory and Hailey are dancing in their first recital on "the big stage" this Saturday. I've not made it through one recital yet without crying. My pride for them just exudes and I can't contain it. This year has already proven to be no exception because I've been crying about it for weeks!

I'm not quite finished with all the details yet but I have all the pieces for my two oldest children ready and pressed and labeled with their names. Only sixty more pieces to go! I have a few finishing details to finish before I can finish pressing the rest but I'm almost there. For the girls they each own their own traditional costume which consists of bloomers, a slip, a blouse, a flower printed skirt, apron, floral headpiece, and a heavily beaded and sequined vest with ribbons on it. The vest by far is the most beautiful and most expensive piece. I was luck to find a couple of used ones when Faith and Karli started and they've been wearing them since. I wasn't as fortunate with Mallory and Hailey (our twins) so I bought two new vests for Faith and Karli and passed their vests down to Mallory and Hailey. Well Mallory and Hailey are in the first group with all new dancers with all new sparkly, shiny, vests. So I took on the task of re-doing their vests myself. I spent $40 on beads, sequins, and rick rack for both vests, opposed to $75 for each new vest. I've put the final touches on Hailey's vest and I'm so thrilled and proud of it! I thought I could complete them both but I've been working on them for months and so far Mallory has only had her rick rack replaced (poor Mallory).

Baseball, softball, and track, oh my! This will prove to be quite the busy season for us. Thank goodness recital is this weekend because we've got a lot more going on this season. Tyler is playing baseball again and was drafted on the league championship team this year. Tyler's team last year was number one in the finals but didn't get the championship, close but no cigar so this year we're hoping to go all the way! Actually, I could really care less. It is fun to win and cheer for a winning team but the family time and memories at the games far exceeds whether he wins or loses. Tyler is also running track for school this year. Out of the four events he'll be participating in, he was chosen to run on the varsity team for three of them! He's a quick little bugar!

Our Faithy is taking a "swing" at softball this year. After watching Tyler participate on a winning team full of rough, tough, and quick guys it's been painful to watch Faith's practices. They play like a bunch of girls! Okay yes they are girls. We'll see what this season holds for her. Karli is patiently awaiting her turn to take a gymnastics class.

I had the opportunity to shadow a colleague and shoot my first wedding this weekend. I'll get a couple shots up on the blog as soon as possible!

Faith's brand new, hand-made vest from Poland.

Hailey's vest that I hand-beaded myself. Looks pretty authentic!

My five little darlings in their Polish garb. Tyler in his regional costume for this year (nice hat!), Faith in green and Karli in pink (their regional costumes for this year), and Mallory and Hailey in their Krakowski costumes. Photo by LifeTouch.

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Erica Young said...

They all look so cute and I want a picture of all of them. I have no recent pictures with all of them together. I can't wait for Saturday!