Wednesday, March 5, 2008


You know those corny e-mails about friendship we always get (you all get them too) and friendship quotes that fly around? Friends are God's way of apologizing for family, ya da-ya da. Well next time you get one, take the time to read it through entirely and think about the people you have in your life that depend on you and that you depend on. God does bring people into our lives, maybe only for a season, sometimes a lifetime, but it's no accident. God uses people to speak to us and help fill our needs. To talk us through rough times, to say "I understand." So yeah this may be one of those corny blogs but my life is filled with precious friends and family that I depend on and I hope they all know they can depend on me...

My husband and I are going through a rough circumstance in our lives at this time; brought on by our own decisions and actions but still bumpy none the less. While I have great friends to start with, I've recently made one or two new ones that are just blossoming but are equally as important to me and I love them just as much. I know God brought them into my life for a purpose and I'm grateful for his divine intervention. I'm one who tends to hold things in during the process of a trial and share my experience after it's all over. This time, I needed someone to turn to in the midst of the trial instead of riding it out and he brought a friend to me. One who I know is definitely not judging me or the situation because she has been there too. We can endure it together and each come out stronger on the other side and hopefully share our experience with others and keep them from having to endure the same.

So take a minute and let those who are important to you know what they mean to you, even if it means just forwarding on a corny e-mail.

To my friends and family who forward those corny e-mails and never get them back (because I don't forward them). I love and appreciate you!

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